The Team

The West Sound Chorus is committed to being one of the best-run and organized choirs in the NW.


Chorus Administration

  Directors Chorus Manager Section Leader Board Member Other Offices Web Perform Team Show Team
Mike Menefee

Mike Menefee - Tenor

X           X X
Chuck Roegiers

Chuck Roegiers - Bari
Assistant Director, Bari Section Leader, Uncle Grumpy, Script Writer

X   X   X   X X

Alena Hemingway
Vocal & Performance Coach, Facebook Help

Jon Powless

Ed Looby - Tenor
Section Leader, Show Program Layout

    X       X X

Jaymes Dunlop - Lead

Lead Section Leader, Facebook Admin

    X     X X    
Rob Nitz

Rob Nitz - Bass

Section Leader

X   X       X  

Mike Courtright -- Bass

President, Youth In Harmony

      X X      
Tom Condon

Tom Condon - Bass
Immediate Past President, Show Chairman, Website Admin, Performance Team Sec.

      X   X X X
Ric Cederwall

Ric Cederwall - Bari
VP Music and Performance, Voqual Guru, Website Admin

      X X X X X  
Tony Jones

Tony Jones - Lead
VP Public Relations

      X     X X
Jim Carnegie

Jim Carnegie - Lead
VP Chapter Development, Special Performance Coordinator

      X X      
Mark Morris

Mark Morris - Lead
Treasurer, Music Librarian

      X X   X X

Gene St. Germaine - Lead
Secretary, Chorus Manager, Hardest Working Guy Ever!

  X   X     X X
Robert Weschler

Robert Weschler - Bass
Board Member at Large, Youth In Harmony

      X X      

Adam Cavillo - Tenor

Board Member At Large

Rich Johnston

Rich Johnston - Lead

Board Member At Large

Al Gunby

Al Gunby - Bass
Sunshine Committee, Polecat Quals